Custom Sommelier specializes in the creation and customization of wine lists for all categories of Quebec restaurant owners. On a monthly, seasonal or annual basis, Custom Sommelier will easily adapt to your establishment’s needs and will assist you throughout the wine selection process. Moreover, the company will ensure consistent supply by way of its perpetual joint inventory system. Finally, Custom Sommelier allows restaurant owners to enhance their wine list, in accordance with their clientele’s tastes and in keeping with the quality of their establishment, which will ultimately translate to an increase in wine sales.

The services offered by Custom Sommelier also include annual staff training, to insure employees are well informed about the selected private imports. Additional training sessions can be offered if necessary.

Custom Sommelier offers numerous advantages to its clients:

  • Fast and easy access to new wine-related products
  • Best quality to price ratio
  • Wine list management in accordance with a monthly budget
  • Product descriptions and staff training

A lively and diversified wine list that includes both the newest products and the owner’s longstanding favourites will greatly contribute to better sales over the long term.


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