InterimCorp provides invited senior executives to organizations when they encounter difficulties during periods of transition, crisis, rapid growth or economic uncertainty. Our interim managers temporarily fill gaps or skills that senior management must overcome, provide specialized leadership, take responsibility for their task force, produce tangible results and leave the organization once the situation is resolved. They are there to assume the responsibilities of the next incumbent during his absence or during the recruitment process.

Our interim managers are experienced and accomplish a variety of tasks. They offer advice and help companies navigate the often rugged landscape of entrepreneurship. As the pillars of our strength, wisdom and integrity, our interim executives work with clients as both managers and advisors, while building strong and meaningful relationships that will contribute to an immediate, sustainable and positive embellishment.

In its lighter version, InterimCorp can also, from time to time, solve short-term needs for middle management positions if the organization already uses the services of one of our invited senior executives.

InterimCorp, your short-term solution that pays off!
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