Media -30- is an innovative and reliable newswire platform that specializes in the distribution of KUB media and press releases. Our top priority is to maximize our client’s value by offering them an efficient communication tool that increases their visibility, notoriety and overall media coverage in order to help them successfully launch their business.

Whether you want to develop the reputation of your business, launch a new product or service in the market, communicate a new idea, or convince the audience of your potential, media relations are adaptable to all situations. However, their effectiveness depends on the professionalism with which they are conducted.

Our approach to achieving this is fairly simple yet highly effective. Instead of losing time and money by targeting newspapers or journalists on your own, Media -30- creates – in collaboration with every single KUBEE – a press tool kit that will not only be featured on our platform but also be made accessible to journalists who want to write an article.

We create the message with you, we share the news for you, all they have to do is publish it!

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