The latest trend in men’s grooming, Serhom is a line of turbo-charged, concentrated skin products designed to take your regular skincare routine to a whole new level thanks to high-quality ingredients and a high-tech delivery system Formulated with smaller molecules that can penetrate the skin in ways most ordinary face creams can’t, Serhom is a product you need in your arsenal. If you have any skincare issues you want help tackling, whether it’s spots, wrinkles, large pores or overall dullness, Serhom is for you.

And it’s a concentrated formula made with potent ingredients, so less is definitely more. In fact, a few drops is enough to do the job. To get the most out of Serhom, take a tiny amount – smaller than the size of a garden pea – and rub it between your fingertips. Then apply evenly to your face (and neck if you’re using an anti-aging product). Serhom is best applied to freshly cleaned skin and should be used every morning. If you want to maximize the effect, apply in the evening too – just before bed.

The great thing about Serhom is that you can use it along with your regular moisturizer. Apply Serhom first, then leave about five minutes before moisturizing to allow it to be properly absorbed by the skin.
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