An innovative project in the start-up phase needs funding in order to move from the ideation to the realization. This is where seed capital comes in. It facilitates the acquisition of office space for the business, research and development, prototype manufacture, professional advising, and finally the marketing of the start-up’s first product. We understand the importance of seed capital for the future of burgeoning young companies. The UNIKUB Fund was created to support these companies. The Fund works with talented entrepreneurs right from the early stages of development in all fields related to digital technology and innovation. Our fund devotes a portion of its equity or capital under management to the development or resurrection of a company in need of assistance with growth, transmission or reorganization. As compensation for the risk related to its investment, and the tying up of its capital over a long period of time, the Fund expects a return on invested capital, generally higher than the market rate given that its investment is sometimes frozen for a span of several years. It does not just invest, but actively accompanies the company and its portfolio by way of practical advice enabling it to accelerate its development and optimize its management. Through this collaborative formula, the UNIKUB Fund is proud to contribute to the development of companies with high growth potential.
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