Commitment-free Starter Packages

Are you at a crossroads in your professional career? Want to start a business and would like to have professional tools to help you do it? With the commitment-free starter packages offered by UNIKUB, you can now become an entrepreneur by starting your own business or simply becoming self-employed.

Our packages allow for a progression within our services in order to match your specific needs. Each stage of development can be completed individually in order to limit the candidate’s investment and allow him to better understand his business offer before moving on to the next stage. Our service proposal is perfect for future entrepreneurs who have the potential to succeed and who require some assistance to launch. Each of the packages is associated with the skill level required by the candidate to perfect his or her business project.

It’s simple, no matter how big your ambitions are, UNIKUB has a commitment-free starter package to match your needs. It’s up to you to choose where to start!


Business cards

Investment projection

Financial model

Logo proposal3

3 flaps PDF brochure

PDF presentation for business concept

Marketing plan

Entrepreneur roadmap for the launch

Business model (BMG)

2 financial meetings with financial institutions

Business plan writing4

Brand book

Cashflow projections



Company book (generic)

Human resources manual (generic)

Employee handbook (generic)

Duplication formula

Procedures manual

5 000$

7 500$

10 000$

15 000$

20 000$

25 000$

30 000$

40 000$

1 Website designed from one of the templates offered by UNIKUB.
2 Additional fees of $ 1,000 for the integration of a logo created and provided by the client.
3 UNIKUB will present 1 logo proposition to which 2 adjustments can be made.
4 Hour bank of 15 hours.
5 Writing length of 2,500 words.

Find a pre-developed business concept

Available KUBs


Coworking Space

Le Box Office

Mobile Business Caterer


Educational Institute for Entrepreneurship

Le Tableau Blanc

Coworking Space


Urban Encounters




Virtual Media

Commun Langage

Writing. Revision. Translation.

Industria Consulting

Business Strategy Firm


Business Growth Accelerator