UPfunda is a collaborative financing solution dedicated to discovering original projects and bringing them to life. At the same time, it facilitates the participation of friends and contacts through social networks. It can also be used as an intermediary between your fundraising campaign and your potential donors. On UPfunda, money transfers are safe and effective, allowing you to easily track your fundraising progress. The platform allows you to reach people who share your passions.

Moreover, its dedicated explanation page featuring all the necessary information gives you the tools you need to win over your public. Activities can be presented on their own, with several participants, in teams, in groups, on behalf of an association and even a foundation. It is also possible to use UPfunda to create fundraisers for business projects, sports challenges, school and community projects. The platform and all the tools you need will permit you to achieve your goals and make your campaign a success. Give it a try!


April 2015

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