Created in late 2014, UNIKUB is a store where people can purchase “ready-to-incorporate” concepts. An innovative and unique solution for people who want to start a business, while ensuring they avoid the common pitfalls and have all the tools necessary for a successful launch.

A fusion of experienced consultation services and specialized assistance in business start-up, the UNIKUB model is based on the development of participatory entrepreneurship. UNIKUB facilitates the development of innovative projects at an affordable cost that is in line with the realities a typical entrepreneur faces.

The UNIKUB employees are project developers who challenge the routine, clarify uncertainties, mobilize entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as nurture the desire for success.

All our personnel have a very high level of expertise. In every interaction, whether with customers or colleagues, they are always respectful, responsible, and demonstrate impeccable professional ethics. The wise use of our unique network of experts provides our clients with a rapid return on investment, and is UNIKUB’s key to success.

Our mission:

To facilitate and accelerate access to the business world, and promote entrepreneurship while encouraging participatory corporate stewardship.

The selection process

The UNIKUB team will not only evaluate the business project presented to them, but will also evaluate the individual entrepreneurs applying for the KUB.

The KUB Start-Up

Determine the length of the pre-launch period as well as the elements that will make up your KUB before starting your business.

Frequently asked questions

Have a question pertaining to UNIKUB and/or our business concepts? Visit the FAQ section, for more information.

Values that reassure

UNIKUB wants to improve the lives of people in the business world, and advocates responsible leadership.

Giving back to the community is an important part of any corporate responsibility program. UNIKUB strongly promotes social and economic development of communities, and actively encourages the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture. Eager to work with serious organizations whose missions are to support entrepreneurship, and thus contribute to economic development, UNIKUB supports foundations and projects such as the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship and the ÉTS Foundation.

Employees of UNIKUB must be as passionate as the clients they serve. They are warm, approachable, and the values they espouse inspire confidence, commitment, loyalty, versatility, professionalism and team spirit. They sincerely believe in the potential of the companies they support, and act as if the companies were their own.





Team Spirit

Positive Attitude

Experts with Complementary Expertise

Our Founders

Daniel Delisle

President, UNIKUB

Denis Mayrand


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