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Who are the experts working on my KUB?

Created by business strategy firm Industria Group, UNIKUB draws from a wide network of business people and senior experts in many different fields. These experts are expected to work on several aspects relating to the KUBs, from designing business models to holding quarterly advisory committees, to occasional consultations with your UNIKUB coordinator. This flexibility is the strength of the UNIKUB and KUB process because we always involve the expert whose business experience is most relevant to meeting the challenges of the particular KUB. In the course of his experience with UNIKUB, the contractor is required to meet and work with many experts.

What is a Kubee?

In the UNIKUB lexicon, the term “Kubee” refers to any natural or legal person operating a company from a KUB concept and under the KUB Convention. It is, in short, a contractor with a KUB business.

Does UNIKUB offer “à la carte” services?

The KUB formula has been developed to facilitate the launch of a business at a low cost while ensuring a high level of quality and assistance throughout the process. For this reason, we do not offer “à la carte” services, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the formula while increasing the initial price for the entrepreneur.

Why KUB's trademark belongs to UNIKUB?

Through the KUB formula, UNIKUB aims to replicate and promote various KUB concepts that make up the ready-to-incorporate store. For this reason, and to protect various entrepreneurs operating the same KUB concept, it is essential that UNIKUB be able to protect the value of each trademark so that the latter remains true to its essence and standards in order to consistently meet the consumer’s needs.

  • When necessary, who possesses/obtains any patent(s) connected to my concept?
  • When the KUB business concept requires the acquisition of a patent, it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur and not of UNIKUB.

What is the time frame during which fees associated to KUBs must be paid?

In addition to representing several initial financing costs incurred by UNIKUB upon the company’s launch, KUB’s costs are directly related to very specific services that UNIKUB continuously provides to all KUBs, such as: trademarks, web maintenance, replication support, the KUB manual, support for the Kubee, advisory committees and the development of the UNIKUB community. These services and the costs connected with them are at the heart of the KUB experience and are continuously in effect throughout the life of the company.

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What is a Kubist business?

In the UNIKUB lexicon, the term “Kubist business” is used to define an enterprise developed from a KUB concept and operated by a Kubee. This business can be a sole proprietorship, a corporation or a partnership.

What is included in my KUB fees?

With each business project it launches, UNIKUB invests heavily in the successful launch of the company in order to minimize costs for the entrepreneur and thus give him the best chance of success. For the entrepreneur, it is considered a way to “finance” part of the intangibles at start-up, while receiving additional services to maximize the value of his business. Here, among other things, are your expenses:

Replication and KUB Manual:

By nature, each KUB business must be replicable. We are currently working to develop a KUB manual, and are actively seeking entrepreneurs who can operate a replicated KUB company.

Support and Advisory Committee:

To ensure the healthy growth of the companies in which we invest, we organize quarterly consultative committees which meet for two hours with our company executives. Also, every Kubee has a 1-hour monthly consultation to assist in optimizing the growth of his business.


From the launch of the company, UNIKUB provides each Kubist business a website for the KUB to help them in their business development.

Management tools and telephony (fixed-price):

UNIKUB offers each Kubist business flat rates for the use of a management system and a phone line.

UNIKUB partnership:

In order to create a strong community of entrepreneurs who feel solidarity and a sense of belonging to the UNIKUB model, we offer all Kubees who meet the predetermined criteria, the opportunity to become participating shareholders of the company. Thus, they become ambassadors of participatory entrepreneurship.

What are the management tools that UNIKUB offers me?

UNIKUB aims to promote corporate stewardship right from the start. This is why the KUB formula offers:

  • a KUB manual full of information relevant to your business,
  • access to a fixed-price management system to facilitate billing and tracking opportunities,
  • weekly operational support with a project coordinator during the pre-launch period, and finally,
  • monthly and quarterly support from experts throughout the growth of the company.

Do I own my business when it's launched through UNIKUB?

Absolutely. One of the great advantages of UNIKUB for entrepreneurs starting their own projects is that we are not shareholders of the Kubist company. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for the Kubee because with UNIKUB, he/she enjoys all the advantages of having a partner who is motivated to develop his/her brand and replicate the concept, while still maintaining full ownership of her incorporation.

What are the benefits of being a Kubee?

Easy access:

Low cost and continuous support. Access to business has never been easier.


Rapidly marketable. All you have to do is choose the KUB that suits your budget and your lifestyle.

Turnkey solution:

You do not need to develop your own concept – UNIKUB KUBS are ready-made to help you avoid costly mistakes.


A business plan written by professionals so that you can focus on the sustainable growth of your business and make it successful.


Each KUB offers a well thought-out business format, combined with a brand image created by UNIKUB, taking into account the market and consumer needs.


Each KUB offers a well thought-out business format, in addition to initial and continuous assistance, as well as a protected territory.


The KUB is undoubtedly the most economical option for starting a business professionally and benefiting from a team of experts to assist you.


It’s your business. All you have to do is choose the KUB that best suits you, and become your own boss.

Social involvement:

UNIKUB is involved with social organizations such as the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship and ETS. Thus, by acquiring a KUB, you will also be supporting entrepreneurship.

How is a KUB superior to a franchise or a business start-up?

UNIKUB designs its KUBS to not only help Kubist businesses outperform their competitors, but also, and above all to give them easy, fast and affordable access to the business world.

  1. You do not have to design a KUB alone – thus you save time and money.
  2. You can enjoy easy and affordable access to the business world.
  3. We offer a wide range of affordable ready-to-incorporate KUBS.
  4. We support you in the incorporation process and we provide additional assistance to help you prepare yourself.
  5. You can focus on the growth and prosperity of your business!

Is there an operating guide?

When you become a Kubee, you have access to our KUB Management Manual. It contains hundreds of topics designed to help you start, and run, a successful KUB.

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Will I be able to develop several KUBs?

Of course! Several serial entrepreneurs have used UNIKUB to facilitate the start-up of their businesses through the KUB formula. This is an effective way to facilitate the launch and to find complementary interests among various Kubist businesses in order to promote KUB community input. For UNIKUB, the key is simply to follow best management practices and surround the entrepreneur with an efficient staff to ensure an impeccable level of service in each KUB launch.

Why is it useful to have a management system for the launch of my business?

A management system is an essential tool that improves the efficiency and simplifies the management of a company. UNIKUB implements this good practice from the start of each Kubist business so that all the information will be gathered from Day 1. The system, offered at a flat rate, also permits UNIKUB to occasionally monitor business performance, especially before each quarterly advisory committee meeting with the Kubee.

Is UNIKUB responsible for my business accounts?

Service accounting and business bookkeeping is not one of the components of the KUB package. However, UNIKUB offers all Kubist enterprises a business management system that greatly simplifies the company’s accounting. Also, at the request of the contractor, we are able to connect him with an accounting firm such as Numerota which specializes in SMEs.

How can I participate in the UNIKUB community?

The UNIKUB community is a diverse business ecosystem composed entirely of Kubist businesses like yours. It is the expression of one of UNIKUB’s core values – team spirit. These companies, created by UNIKUB as well as by the entrepreneurs that operate them, understand better than anyone your particular reality, so the UNIKUB community is a privileged place where mutually beneficial business deals can be made.

Is it as binding as a franchise?

No, because UNIKUB is not a franchisor. The KUBs are designed to provide useful, relevant and timely information. Therefore, although UNIKUB provides information and relevant data, it is not responsible for how the Kubist business uses these resources. UNIKUB can change information and available data or description of products, and this, any time and without prior warning. However, UNIKUB makes no promise to update any information or data that may then be out of date.

Does KUBING suit me?

Consider this: Will the acquisition of a KUB help you achieve your personal and professional goals? Having the money does not guarantee your application for acquisition will be approved; you will devote as much time as much money to the endeavour. You must also consider the size of the business you want to operate. Some types of KUBs have unlimited growth potential in terms of the size and number of outlets. Other KUBs are predisposed to remain small, with a single point of sale. There is a whole world of difference between managing a series of outlets and operating a single business. Do you dream of building a large company or do you want a guaranteed job and an excellent source of income? It is important to clarify your goals before considering any acquisition opportunity. Does being a Kubee suit your personality? Do you have what it takes to operate a KUB? To maintain system integrity, the KUB agreements stipulate that Kubees must operate their business according to specified standards and procedures, and accept the reporting and verification requirements.

How many hours a week should I work on my KUB?

This decision is entirely up to you. Several owners hold down a full-time job, while keeping an eye on their KUB to effect occasional checks and balances. Other owners run their KUB full time. Both methods can work.

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Business Development

How can I benefit from replicating my KUB concept?

By nature, every KUB business concept launched by UNIKUB has the ability to be replicated. The replication model of a KUB concept may vary from one to the other depending on each business model. Whether it be in royalties, product sales/services, agency fees or simply increasing brand awareness, one thing is certain, as a Kubist contractor you always benefit from replicating your KUB. In addition, you will enjoy greater visibility and increased purchasing power when negotiating with your suppliers.

Can UNIKUB conduct my sales?

UNIKUB’s mission is to facilitate access to the business world and promote entrepreneurship while encouraging participatory corporate stewardship. To do this, we offer a business start-up formula that offers entrepreneurs assistance during the initial launch as well as several tools that facilitate the growth of their business. We remain ever-present to support the Kubist entrepreneur, but our mandate is not to make sales for his company.

What is the nature of the partnership between UNIKUB and my business?

The relationship between UNIKUB and each Kubist company is a mutually beneficial partnership designed to facilitate the launching and growing of a new business. Indeed, although UNIKUB has no active role in the running of each Kubist company, it nonetheless becomes an essential partner by offering the latter a business model, a brand concept and specific start-up assistance – all at a very low cost to the entrepreneur. The Kubist company will also have benefited from ongoing services throughout the course of its growth such as management tools (offered at a fixed price), advisory committees and assistance with its replication.

Am I allowed to sell my Kubist business?

It is entirely possible for any entrepreneur to sell his Kubist business. When this is the case, two situations are possible depending on the type of sale:

Sale of the incorporation:

The entrepreneur sells her incorporated company and the buyer gets the existing KUB agreement. In this case, UNIKUB is not involved in the deal except to approve the new operating contractor so that she meets the UNIKUB’s criteria to which the seller has already been submitted. In this type of transaction, the new buyer takes over the role of Kubee and becomes the operator of the KUB concept, adopting the existing agreement.

Sale of the KUB concept:

The entrepreneur wants to sell the entire business concept including its incorporation as well as the process and the trademark. In this case, as the trademark and business concept are both owned by UNIKUB and licensed to the Kubist company, UNIKUB will be involved in transactions in order to facilitate the negotiation and valuation of its share of the transaction on the terms already agreed to in the original KUB company agreement

How does the advertising work?

Large-scale advertising is handled by the Kubee as specified by UNIKUB. Indeed, for every KUB concept, UNIKUB develops a marketing plan, usually based on company revenues. At the local level, individual Kubees are expected to advertise on their own account. In fact, KUB agreements stipulate that they must spend a minimum amount each month for this purpose. How and when such advertising will be carried out may be determined by the individual Kubee. However, the materials involved — point-of-sale, displays, flyers, local newspaper ads and radio commercials — may be produced by an authorized agency in accordance with UNIKUB’s guidelines to ensure that consistent standards are maintained throughout the brand.

Why would the acquisition of a KUB be a good business deal?

The acquisition of a KUB is an interesting option for someone who wishes to start an independent business. The KUB is an original and unique way to get into business, as it offers training and assistance. So you can practice your skills and abilities while reducing most of the usual risks associated with launching an independent company. However, it must be said that the benefits of acquiring a KUB are greatly increased when the company is well-managed.

What kind of revenues should I expect?

Revenues for each KUB will fluctuate depending on several variables such as market size, demographics, economic factors, not to mention the level of effort and competence of the Kubee.

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What is included in the commissioning of a KUB?

The commissioning of a KUB involves multiple initial elements created or adapted to launch a Kubist business. Commissioning includes:

  • the business strategy and business model of the KUB,
  • KUB manual serving as the business operating manual,
  • entrepreneurship training,
  • the business plan of the company,
  • the implementation of a fixed-price management system within the company,
  • legal fees related to the verification of the terms and conditions of the website,
  • assistance in financing,
  • the writing and editing of content for the company,
  • the design of the brand and the adaptation of graphic applications (business cards, email signature, promotional pamphlet, letter envelopes and letterhead),
  • operational assistance,
  • human resources support,
  • writing and sending a press release to launch the KUB.

What is the role of the entrepreneur in launching a KUB?

During the pre-launch process of the Kubist business, the role of the entrepreneur is mainly to become familiar with his business plan and follow the provided training to use the various tools that will be made available. The contractor is also involved in the launch preparations such as marketing campaigns, finding and securing a location, and connecting with business partners. For its part, the UNIKUB team takes care of all technical and strategic aspects of the business by solidifying the business model, developing a brand identity as well as a website for the company, and more. To ensure the fluidity of the whole pre-launch process, UNIKUB assigns each project its own coordinator. The coordinator conducts weekly monitoring of all ongoing activity on the part of the contractor as well as that of UNIKUB.

How does the financing of my KUB work?

Unless you can finance the start-up of the business entirely with your own funds, you will need to approach your bank for a loan. You will need to develop a well-organized financing proposal that clearly demonstrates your financing needs, a conservative expectation of the KUB’s performance and how you expect to repay the funds. UNIKUB will help you prepare your financing proposal.

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