UNIKUB-IDEA is a training institute that offers coaching, mentoring and business development in a self-study, adult education model. IDEA is also the acronym for the Institute for the Development of Entrepreneurship Assessment.

At UNIKUB-IDEA, our commitment is to offer strong business partnerships with our clients, helping them to develop and grow their business, and to distinguish themselves by creating added value for their clients. We advocate healthy business management as well as motivational leadership with emphasis on sustainable performance and success.

Our partners are leaders, entrepreneurs, business coaches and trainers. They all share our philosophy of continuing education. This philosophy is important to us and provides value for any entrepreneur we help toward becoming builders of value in their business.

Consistently guided by our innovative vision of business development, we pursue our mission to discover and nurture the talents of the entrepreneurs, business leaders and wealth-creators of tomorrow.

Our Mission:

To reveal the talent of the entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders and wealth creators of tomorrow and offer them strong business partnerships by helping them develop and grow their business.

1. Pre-launch

The preparation and pre-launch of the entrepreneur’s business

This program was designed specifically for people who want to go into business, and who wish to create the kind of professional and entrepreneurial lifestyle that suits them. The program aims to help future entrepreneurs to establish who they are, what they want to accomplish through their businesses, to achieve their full potential, and finally, to create value.

At the end of the 10 to 12-week program, the entrepreneur will have a clear perspective of her entrepreneurial profile, her natural talents and entrepreneurial strengths, her passions, values, dreams, life goals and her belief in their success. Acquiring this knowledge will allow our experts to better guide the entrepreneur in the selection of the business model that is the most suitable for her.

2. Launch

Launching a new business in 90 days with UNIKUB

The business kick-off program is the logical continuation of the pre-launch program for those wishing to enter the business world. In collaboration with the ready-to-incorporate store, UNIKUB, this program is a start-up formula supported by a team of senior entrepreneurs and a team of coach-entrepreneurs, who together serve to increase the participants’ chances of success.

At the end of the 90-day program, the entrepreneur will be in good position to assimilate his/her business model. He/She will be accompanied by entrepreneurs directly involved in creating a business plan. Together they will hone his/her entrepreneurial spirit in the areas of financing, business development, the creation of his/her team, and the understanding of his/her target clientele in order to maximize the value creation of the business. The participant will also have acquired finance, marketing, human resources and management concepts, as well as other pertinent elements related to being an entrepreneur.

3. Post-launch

The post-launch phase of the business and the development of the entrepreneur

The third program offered by UNIKUB-IDEA is designed for entrepreneurs who have completed the pre-launch and launch programs, and whose company is still in its first 5 years of existence. The goal for the post-launch program is to help the participant break out of the isolation that is all too typical of entrepreneurial life, to benefit from an environment conducive to business development and to share knowledge, tools and networks with other members of the entrepreneurial community.

In the end, it is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs who are passionate, determined, committed and motivated, all sharing values, life principles and a common vision of entrepreneurial wealth creation. Inside this independent business community of wealth-creators, the entrepreneur will be guided by coaches, mentors and speakers from UNIKUB-IDEA through various entrepreneurial training programs, in the self-study model of continuing education. This program is available as an annual subscription plan, so it is of unlimited duration. The entrepreneur will benefit from a coaching environment for the implementation and development of his/her business that will help his/her to achieve his/her entrepreneurial dreams.

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