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UNIKUB specializes in the research and development of businesses and trademarks. Owned by Laboratoire Stratégique Nextstrom Inc., the firm was first incorporated in 2011 under the name Industria Group. Its head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

A privately held company, Industria Group created UNIKUB in 2014 to help entrepreneurs increase their assets and the value of their business by providing an integrated solution that includes financial assistance, graphic design, marketing, operations, human resources support, and customized IT solutions. UNIKUB has a vast portfolio of business concepts that are replicable both nationally and internationally.

In 2016, the shareholders of the company began to diversify by adding new shareholder solutions to the company. In line with its expansion plan, the company’s board of directors is open to accepting new shareholders that successfully pass a rigorous validation process. Several forms of investment are available, whether in UNIKUB International, UNIKUB National, UNIKUB Express and/or one of the KUBs in our portfolio.

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