A KUB is a unique “ready-to-incorporate” solution to starting your own business. It is a business concept that includes corporate branding, a financial model, a pre-developed business plan facilitating the process of financing through financial institutions, a registered trademark, a website, a business resource planning system, a marketing plan and, finally, a territorial agreement. Designed to be unique, easy and affordable, the KUB is definitely a winning solution for anyone starting a business!

In the KUB system, the Kubee is fully accompanied over the course of 90 days. Serving as the Kubee’s singular resource person, the coordinator ensures the smooth running of the pre-launch phase, interfacing with partners, ensuring compliance with the calendar and facilitating the Kubee’s mastery of the tools provided. This operational and personalized support helps ensure delivery of the KUB in a very short period of time.

Our platform offers a variety of KUBs – ready-to-incorporate business models – which are conceived with geographical replication in mind. This creation of value through replication, allows the Kubee to generate even more revenue and to further expand his concept.

The KUB formula is a unique incubator for entrepreneurs in the start-up process, helping them to launch their businesses quickly and easily, while benefiting from the growth support that a partner provides.

Every KUB includes
1. Concept
  • Business Model
  • Brand Identity
  • Financial Plan
  • Launching Strategy
2. Assistance
  • Coaching
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Marketing
3. Tools
  • Website
  • Emails
  • ERP System
  • CRM
4. KUB Community
  • Business Network
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion
  • Social Community
  • Potential for Replication

Comparative Table


Independent Business


The preparation of financial documents for bankers

Assistance from business experts

Duplicable business model

Can be customized

Choice of concept

Allows for a great degree of autonomy when launching

Can easily be launched in less than 4 months

Entrepreneurial aptitude test and coaching

Provides low-cost access to the business world

Low acquisition costs favouring rapid profitability

Publicity and promotions program available on demand

Provides non-mandatory professional services “à la carte”
Discover some of the KUB’s


Creation of a Business Model
Access to a Portfolio
Business Replication
Quick Launch
Integrated Management System
Human Resources
Editorial/Translation Services
International Development
Project Coordination
Community of Entrepreneurs
Increased Business Value
Business Development
Selection Process
Array of Partners
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Virtual Media

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Writing. Revision. Translation.

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