The selection process

Every entrepreneur who wishes to start a new business concept or an existing concept with UNIKUB must go through the full selection process. This 4-step process is designed to assess the viability of the proposed business concept and the compatibility between the entrepreneur and the selected KUB project.

Step 1: The entrepreneur

This first stage is primarily intended to serve as first point of contact between the future entrepreneur and UNIKUB. During the meeting, a recruiter will have the entrepreneur fill out the KUB application form and thereby collect relevant information about the candidate and his/her professional background.
+ Pre-qualification test required

Step 2: The project

The second step is a crucial one in the process, as it serves to prepare the presentation of the candidacy to UNIKUB’s selection committee. This meeting focuses specifically on information related to the business plan to be submitted, whether for an existing KUB project or for a new business concept submitted by the applicant.
+ Financial pre-evaluation required

Selection Committee

Each week the selection committee, consisting of several experts from various fields, analyzes and validates the nominations based on information collected by the UNIKUB recruiter. The committee evaluates the viability of the business project as well as its compliance with the KUB eligibility criteria, the profitability threshold of the project, its replication potential and finally, the level of compatibility between the entrepreneur and the chosen project.

Step 3: Project Proposal

In the case of a favourable decision by the selection committee, UNIKUB would then submit a proposal to the entrepreneurial candidate. This business proposal establishes the ground rules for the development of the KUB concept, so it may contain some recommendations and/or conditions of acceptance of the project.
+ Signature of the agreement in principle
+ Initial deposit
+ Psychometric test

Step 4: KUB Agreement

The fourth and final stage of the selection process is the preparation and signing of the KUB agreement between UNIKUB and the entrepreneurial candidate who will then become a Kubee. This agreement formalizes and determines the conditions of business partnership for both parties in order to avoid any surprises. The achievement of this milestone is a moment of celebration, as it marks the beginning of the financing period and the pre-launch of the company!
+ Financial forecast
+ Signature meeting

The UNIKUB team evaluates the business plan presented, as well as the eligibility of the entrepreneurial candidate(s) who will drive the project.

Selection Criteria

for the entrepreneur

During the selection process, the UNIKUB team not only evaluates the proposed business plan, but also the candidate who will implement it. Cumulatively, these entrepreneurs must be able to respond to, or be able to meet certain criteria in order to ensure the proper functioning of the business to be launched.

We divide these criteria into three categories: the entrepreneur, the investor and the talent. One entrepreneur can sometimes meet criteria for several categories, but it is important that all three categories are addressed.

The entrepreneur:

  • Is comfortable with the public and able to lead the development/achievement of the company’s objectives.
  • Is the natural leader of the team and is able to solicit the strengths of each individual in order to complete the project.
  • Is autonomous and capable of entering into beneficial business partnerships.
  • Is organized and able to keep a good level of control on the business.
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The investor:

  • Is able to invest in his business project to ensure its sustainability.
  • Has a satisfactory credit rating and is able to represent his company when seeking financing.
  • Is able to reinvest as necessary to support the growth of his/her business.
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The talent:

  • Has the expertise required to be able to satisfactorily operate his/her business.
  • Has enough transferable skills to be able to operate in the given field of business even if it is not in his/her original area of expertise.
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